“Sea” Why Summer Is So….

Summer.  I’ve always loved summer and everything that comes along with it.  Living at the Jersey Shore for 44 years and counting, summer has a role all of its own every year.

Summer moves to its own rhythm and is its own entity.

Summer has its own magic.

The mid-afternoon lull of the crickets and the angle of the sun has changed ever so gradually over the past few days, signs that summer is now on the downslide.

I am not going to think about it though.  Instead, I intend to enjoy each and every moment and relish each day.  I am going to bask in summer’s shine, and let its grasp take hold of me.  I am going to just be.

What do I love most about summer?  Let’s see…

nectarines * cherries * flowers * butterflies * gardening * mowing the lawn * bicycle rides * walks * birds * ice pops * the ice cream man * watermelon * baseball * beach runs * corn on the cob * fishing * the boardwalk * rides * games * breakfast * ice cream * summer music & playlists * salt water * seashells * sea glass * sunburn * sunscreen * potato salad * crabbing * fireworks * finding 4 leaf clovers * fireflies * crickets * blueberries * day lillies * writing * sitting at my favorite places and just being * sandy feet * surf shops * the smell of the ocean * shrimp * tomatoes * sunrises * sunsets * swimming * the beach * ocean waves * laughing with family and friends * the warmth * sunshine * the park * seafood * burgers and dogs * pluots * peach pie * caterpillars * sea stars * horseshoe crabs * sitting at the Inlet and watching the boats *

My friend, Cortland Coleman, summed it up best in one of his recent posts:  “Beach days, patio nights, blue skies and salt water. You just can’t beat summer.”

20150803 Photo 2 Beach Cort

No, sir.  You can’t beat summer.

What are some of your summer favorites?  I’d love to hear!  Please share in the comments.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on ““Sea” Why Summer Is So….

  1. Being full time in Cape May, Summer is a time for visits from family and friends. Everyone loves to come to the beach, and enjoy warmth of the area. Restaurants and amusements are endless, each with their own flavor of fun.


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