Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 8/15/2015

20150815 Beach Photo

What a whirlwind of a week!  I will be writing about all of my wonderful excursions and lessons I’ve learned over the past few days in upcoming posts.  Until then, enjoy these Internet finds when you are tooling around or just need a break.

I love her too

Using Your Senses to Be Carefree

I absolutely adore this cabinet

I always wondered how mobile alerts were generated…

15 MORE things not to do on the beach

When you are on the edge

Why not just ask? (I love this)

Become the superhero you are meant to be

I might need to get this stylus

and finally, an oldie but a goodie… (warning: some adult language is used in the last 3 links…)

Strap in, shut up, and hold on…we’re going back to the 1970’s via JC Penney’s catalog…Part 1 (the best, Jerry!  The best!)

I hope you are having a spectacular day, and if the weather is grand when you read this, please bookmark these links to look at another time…get out there and enjoy the day!

Until next time,






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