Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 9/26/2015

20150926 Beach Photo

Another week in the books, and it went by so fast.  I am still adjusting to my schedule, and it sure seems like there aren’t as many hours in the day as there were before for some reason.  Here’s my roundup of interesting links from the week.  As I am heading out to celebrate the life of a friend today, I ask that you hug those closest to you and let them know how much they mean to you.  You never know when it is going to be too late.  The Links:

Creating the Season Ahead – A good list of autumn journal topics by Jamie Ridler

12 Pieces of Advice from Graduates to New Students – Even if you aren’t a student, this is a good read to put things into perspective.

25 Free Fall Printables – compiled by Kendall Rayburn

Collaborating with Inspiration – a reaction to Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Big Magic by Dal Kular.  I have Big Magic and MUST find time to read it!

9 Ways to Transition Gracefully Into the Fall Season

Behind the Yogi-isms and Driving Mr. Yogi (This is on my Summer 2016 reading list) – Thank you, Yogi

No One Lives Forever

The Sea and He

and finally,

One Summer in Jersey teaser – a film by Tom Larney

Have a splendid day!


DISCLAIMER:  Unless otherwise stated, I do not endorse any product or service in any of the links I provide.  I merely found the page to be interesting in some way, and thought you also might find it interesting or that you might learn something from it.

Something to Sea: Rainy Day Clicks for 9/19/2015

20150919 Beach Photo

Good day friends!  I’m waking up to a cloudy and foggy morning here along the Jersey Shore, but the sun will soon be at work and the day should be pretty good weather-wise.  I’m still trying to find my groove with regards to my schedule, so I haven’t had much time to troll around.  I do have a few interesting links for you.  Remember, don’t waste a great day by checking these out…save them for a rainy day.

16-year-old Abby Shapiro’s Legacy

How to Make Your Own Driftwood

To Scale: The Solar System – what a great film!  Worth watching in its entirety!

On the Nordic Trail in Scotland

36 Hours in Boston – my goal is to visit Boston next summer.  It will be my first time there.

The Washing Never Gets Done – by Dal Kular and exactly how I have been feeling lately

Dublin Sunrise –  I WILL make it there to see this next year!

and finally

I love this commercial for the pyrotechnics in the lunch room, but mostly for the woman in the gray and white shirt

Until next time,


Sea Therapy

20150914 Quote

One by one, things are added to the “to do” list all day long,

and as quickly as things get crossed off, two more get added.

It’s a never ending cycle.

Drowning in work, with no time to come up for air, I suddenly stop in my tracks.


I can cross nothing more off the list today.

I leave everything on my desk, with no guilt or doubts,

and trade cinder blocks for the fresh air and sunshine.

Instead of heading home, I take a familiar detour.


As soon as my feet hit the sand, my therapy session begins.

I just sit there.  Nobody else is in sight.

I listen to the waves and the shore birds,

and inhale the sweet nectar of the ocean air.

No writing, no playlist, just sitting and being.

For 20 minutes,

I can escape from the noose of reality.

I am devoid of any lists or responsibilities.

I can return to myself.

For 20 minutes,

I am me.

Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 9/12/2015

20150912 Beach Photo

Hello friends!

It is clear that it is going to take some time to adjust to the change in my schedule, going from summer to school year, and I am having a lot of difficulty finding my groove (I sure hope I can find it).  However, I have been able to save some interesting Internet finds for you.  When you are tooling around on a rainy day, check them out.

Writing With a Heavy Teaching Load (very appropriate right how, for others in the same boat as me)

A Song for Ireland

Women, Creativity, & Moving Past Fear with Elizabeth Gilbert

Time for Change?

Make Better Decisions

Passion Planner for 2016 (I love mine for 2015-been using it all year)

A Pink Dolphin!

and finally

The Night Derek Jeter became Mr. November 

Until next time,



Sea My Thoughts on “The Last Day of Summer”

20150907 Quote

The last “unofficial” day of summer.

There’s not much I can write today that hasn’t been said already…

I’m sad to see summer go.

I’m sad that a friend left our world way too soon.

I’m anxious over the massive “to do list” that begins tomorrow.

However, I am also grateful.

Grateful for the memories I made and experiences I had this summer, and for LOCAL SUMMER, which begins tomorrow.

Grateful that my friend is no longer in pain.  Grateful for how his story has brought so many of us together, strengthening our bond, and for the memories that bring a smile to my face.  Grateful for a new role model in his incredibly strong wife.

Grateful that I have a “to do list,” giving me purpose and focus.

Most of all, I am grateful for the person I found this summer.  She’s no longer afraid to share her story.  She’s no longer on the outside.  She’s on the right path, right where she needs to be.  She knows the importance of NOW.

She is me.  And I’m finally here.

I am looking forward to continue sharing my story with you, and hope you will join me for the journey yet to come.

Until next time,


Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 9/5/2015

20150905 Beach Photo

How can it possibly be September already?

For about the eighth week in a row, the weather is simply grand here in the Northeast.  Bookmark these interesting Internet finds for the week, and get outside!  Make memories with someone, or just take a walk by yourself.  It’s too nice of a day to sit and look at links!

The Pep Talk Generator

Send your name to Mars!

The Summer That Never Was

2/11/1972: The Day Surfing Changed Forever

Octopus=Alien?  Who knew?

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Favorite Books About Creative Inspiration

Let’s Go, Fellow Seinfeldians!

What is the American Dream in 2015?

And finally,

So long, my friend.  (Donations are still being accepted to help the Bierbrauer family)

Until next time,


Sea The Importance of NOW

20150904 Quote

You know that place you want to see?

Go there.

The thing you want to try?

Try it.

The book you want to write?

Write it.

The book you want to read?

Read it.

The song you want to sing?

Sing it.

The journey you want to take?

Take it.

The recipe or craft you want to make?

Make it.

The person you want to share time with?

See him.  See her.

The person you want to hug?

Hug him.  Hug her.

The person you want to forgive?

Forgive him.  Forgive her.

The words you want to say?

Say them.

The memories you want to have?

Make them.


Tomorrow is not promised.

Do it today.

Live in the moment.

Cherish the present.

You only get one life to live.

Live it.



Sea What Makes “Boro Kids” So Great…

Boro kids.

Back in the day, we didn’t need social media to find everyone.

The only phone we’d call would be the pay phones up at the boards to see who was up there hanging out.

We’d get on our bikes and pedal the 08742 circuit, checking driveways and lawns for piles of bikes.  That was our text message, our notification of where everyone was.

Sometimes we’d ride double, and the friend on the handlebars would hold on for dear life.  Helmets?  Please….

Past Brue Video and Vesuvios.  Perhaps we’d rent a movie for later (our “On Demand”), or get a slice and a sarsaparilla.

Swing by the Rec Center and fields to see who was playing basketball, baseball, football, soccer. Over the bridge, down to Beacon to check out the beach.

Boro kids.

Up to the boards.  See who was working, and who was on their break from their ride or game shift.  Around the Inlet a few times, stopping here and there to talk to friends.  If it was Thursday, we’d look up to catch the fireworks.

The smell of salt air, cotton candy, and boardwalk fries simply intoxicating us.

Maybe we’d stop at the OB for something to eat, of course before it burned down…or try to win some candy at the Heart of Gold game stand, of course before it burned down…or get a slice at Cici’s, of course before it burned down…

Check the Bay Head beaches, starting at Osborne to Karge, Harris, and Bridge…stopping at the Bluffs, and maybe going all the way down East Ave.

Sometimes we’d drive, but our bikes were sacred.  Sure, they’d get stolen at times, but we’d be at Point Bikes or A1 the next day for a replacement.

Boro kids.

Good memories.  Good times.  Laughter.  Fun.  An innocence all of its own during the time of Milli Vannili, Pretty Woman, Bel Biv Devoe, New Kids, Pepsi Clear, and cheap gas, to name a few.

Boro kids.

As we reached the legal age, we traded bikes for cabs and designated drivers.  Checking out the local watering holes.  Catching up with other Boro kids.

One by one, each of us became an adult and got jobs, served our country, moved away, got married, had families, and some of our kids are the new generation of…Boro kids.

Somehow, the calendar fast forwarded 25-some-odd years.

Each of us making a life.  Each of us moving forward on our own path.

But what bonds us all are those Boro ties, connecting us to the other Boro kids.

Forever strong, forever there, forever friends.

When one succeeds, we all succeed.  When one suffers, we all suffer.  When one needs us, we got their back.

No.  Matter.  What.

Boro kids.

There’s nothing better in the world than being one.

This is written for all of the Boro Kids out there, but especially for my friends, Roscoe and Stacey.  The bond tying us all together is strong, no matter what year may be on the calendar or when we last saw each other in person.

Roscoe and Stacey, you are forever loved, forever special, and forever Boro kids.

Author’s Note:  Life dealt Roscoe a bad hand and he is in the fight of his life right now.  As he battles the terrible monster known as Cancer, please join me in praying for a miracle, and in praying for strength for his wonderful wife Stacey and two children.