Sea Therapy

20150914 Quote

One by one, things are added to the “to do” list all day long,

and as quickly as things get crossed off, two more get added.

It’s a never ending cycle.

Drowning in work, with no time to come up for air, I suddenly stop in my tracks.


I can cross nothing more off the list today.

I leave everything on my desk, with no guilt or doubts,

and trade cinder blocks for the fresh air and sunshine.

Instead of heading home, I take a familiar detour.


As soon as my feet hit the sand, my therapy session begins.

I just sit there.  Nobody else is in sight.

I listen to the waves and the shore birds,

and inhale the sweet nectar of the ocean air.

No writing, no playlist, just sitting and being.

For 20 minutes,

I can escape from the noose of reality.

I am devoid of any lists or responsibilities.

I can return to myself.

For 20 minutes,

I am me.

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