Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 11/7/2015

20151107 Beach Photo

Good morning friends!  The weather here along the Jersey Shore has NOT been November-like so far, and I am not complaining as I’d hold onto summer forever, if it was possible.  The leaves, though, are beautiful and are nearing the end of their color-explosion cycle, and in just days, the trees will be bare.  We are off to a friend’s wedding in Pennsylvania today, and I’m excited to see a new and different place. With the forecast for rain, I’m hoping that this week’s roundup of interesting sites will be a good diversion for you.  Hope you enjoy!

16 Free Thanksgiving Printables – courtesy of SNAP

How a Vacation to Italy Reminded Me of My Purpose – great read by Jeff Goins

Citi Field Overjoyed, Singing Piano Man with Billy Joel – awesome moment from the World Series, despite the Mets’ loss

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank – impressive video!

How to Send Holiday Cards to the Military (2015) – send your extra cards to someone serving…he/she certainly deserves it

18 of October’s Most Amazing Surf Photos – causing me severe wanderlust!

Remembering Andy Irons, 5 Years Later – still one of my favorites

7 New Non-Traditional Empathy Cards That Say What Others Totally Get Wrong – these are perfect

On time – poignant words from the always inspirational Mandi Bean.  I’m printing this out and taping it in my planner as a reminder to JUST DO IT.

Dying ‘Star Wars’ Fan Sees Movie Early – restores my faith a bit.  May the force be with you, Daniel.

This Man Teaches a Lonely Pelican to Fish – yes, he does

and finally,

THIS is why we celebrate Veterans Day.  PLEASE, please honor those who serve(d) this week and EVERY week.  I will always be thankful for the actions of Cpl. Nicholas S. Ott and Sgt. Ronald A. Kubik, forever my heroes, and for all those I know who serve/served.






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