Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 11/28/2015

20151128 Beach PhotoGreetings, friend!  Thanksgiving with my family was a wonderful time this year.  I had a lot of fun playing with my 2 nephews and laughing with my family.  All of the preparation, all of the anticipation, and just like that…the day was over.

I included some holiday links on today’s roundup of interesting clicks.  Hopefully you’ll find some quiet time to check them out.  Have a wonderful day and please come back soon!

December Reflections Returns:  I am so excited that Susannah Conway is hosting her December Reflections!  It is a photo-a-day challenge with emphasis on the holiday season and closing out the year.  It was just about this time last year that I stumbled upon Susannah and her work, and she has become such an inspiration.  Please join me in participating!  I will be participating under Soulseaker and posting my images here and on Instagram.  #DecemberReflections

Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar:  One act of kindness a day; printable calendar available on the link.

A Holiday Built on Presence, Not Presents

CBS Holiday Programming Schedule:  I posted ABC Family’s schedule last week

Blessing Bags: A great idea to help those less fortunate

“Misunderstood,” the Apple 2013 Holiday Commercial: best holiday commercial ever in my opinion

“Hello everybody?  I should say it?”: my favorite Christmas Vacation scene with Aunt Bethany (with a young Leonard Hoffstetter/Johnny Galecki, one of my favorite actors)

Santa Penguins:  Because you might need a smile, and penguins dressed up for Christmas will make you smile.

Seinfeld Cast Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity:  Gotta love the Sein!

NJ Surfers’ Tribute to Luke Mitchell

This NecklaceThis JournalThis David Puddy Action Figure – This Sweatshirt

Here’s to a Life Lived WITH Regrets: so true

The Tartigrade has Foreign DNA:  what an awesome creature.  Love tartigrades!

and finally…

I Am Grateful by Elizabeth Gilbert

Enjoy your day,




2 thoughts on “Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 11/28/2015

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your holiday, Jill. Thanks for this list – can’t wait to check these links out!


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