Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 1/9/2016

20160109 Blog Photo New FontsSpiraling.  That’s the title of the picture I selected for today, because at times this week it felt like my world was spiraling out of control.  Busy and hectic.  Despite the spiraling, I’ve kept my ground and stood firm, for perhaps the first time in my life.  My word for 2016 is DETERMINED, and I am determined not to let things out of my control negatively affect me.  I even surprised myself…this week was a success in that department!

I was able to gather some interesting sites this week, and I hope that you save them for a quiet time when there’s nothing much going on. Don’t ignore the people around you to check these out.

The “CUP” List: On Living Realistically from Holstee – Cup vs. Bucket list.  I like it.

This Year, Change Your Mind – by Oliver Sacks

The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter – Some good advice here, as I hate winter.

50 Things To Do in 2016 – adorably illustrated by Gala Darling

My Life in Trees – from Linda at Spiritual Dragonfly.  Links to find your trees too!

21 Experts on Finding Your Own Unique and Authentic Path in Life 

Life Teaches You How to Live – Great post by Elizabeth Gilbert

How to Write a Simple and Beautiful Manifesto – Alexandra Franzen

Some links this week were provided by Positively Present’s Dani DiPirro.  Check out her blog too!

And finally….drumroll please…

Current Star Wars Movie Schedule Confirms Boba Fett Movie Coming in 2020 – YES!  You know I couldn’t get away without sharing something Star Wars…and this news made my day!

Have a superb week!




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