A Delicate Touch of Winter

20160118 Blog Photo New Fonts

We finally got a little bit of snow yesterday into last evening, which was a surprise to many.  As you probably could guess, I’m not a fan of winter at all, and would much prefer the sunshine and warmth of summer all year long.  Yet there’s a little part of me that gets excited over the first snowfall of winter, which usually happens much earlier than mid-January.  Usually, it’s pre-Christmas snow, with magic all of its own.

When I saw the first flake fall yesterday, I yelled, “It’s snowing!” like I was a little kid.  Like I used to do when I was young.  And like many of my social media contacts immediately posted on their feeds.

This snow was light, pretty, and covered the grass and cars without being a mess to deal with.  This snow didn’t warrant many delayed openings, any closures, or any stocking up of milk, bread, and eggs.  Just a nice, delicate touch of winter.  As I sit here writing this, I’m under my blankie with a cup of coffee to my left, with some old New Order tunes quietly playing in the background, and I’m glancing out the window as the sun shines upon the blanket of white.  I’m warm, cozy, and rather enjoying this simple, winter scene.

It’s serene and peaceful.  A moment to remember.


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