Something to SEA: Blizzard Day Clicks for 1/23/2016

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Yeah, we’re in the thick of a nasty blizzard here in New Jersey.  It’s a terrible storm, and with the full moon, tides are expected to be much higher than normal.  I’m stocked with enough food and supplies, but am worried about what will happen if we lose electricity…it’s definitely getting wonky, and many friends have already lost power so I’m lucky right now.  The wind is picking up and I’ll admit I am concerned.  However, everything is out of my hands, and I am praying that we (and my family & friends) are safe throughout the storm’s wrath.

Here are some interesting links I found this week.  If you are in the Northeast and have electricity, today’s the perfect day to check them out.

Snowstorms in the 70s vs. Today – perfect post for today by Victoria Fedden

Message in a Bottle Dropped Off Jersey Shore Washes Up Across the Ocean – what a journey

Soul To Soul:  Celebration and Enlightenment – from Stephane Watanabe, “The Girl Who Knows”

It’s Your World Now (Tribute to Glenn Frey)

All The Things that Softly Kill Me – excellent post by Danielle LaPorte

Unforgettable Kindness Leads to a Dream Come True at Walt Disney Resort

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl – short film by Danny Cook – a must see

5 Tips to Get Past the Post Holiday Blues – by Dani Dipirro

On Generosity – by Elizabeth Gilbert

That’s all for today, friends!  Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Something to SEA: Blizzard Day Clicks for 1/23/2016

    1. Thanks Michelle! We made it through with almost 2 feet. Thankfully we had help with plowing and shoveling. That help will be listed in my gratitude journal for the foreseeable future! Have a super week!

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