Open the Door by “Sea”ing Things Differently

20160105 Blog Photo New Fonts

I recently read a quote that resonated with me deeply and got me thinking:

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller.

Miller’s words are so true.  At this time last year, I decided to see things in a new way, including how I saw life. I chose to look at each day with optimism, rather than with cynicism and melancholy.  I chose to LIVE in the moment and laugh.  I chose to replace the words “I Wish” with “I Will.”  I chose to see and experience the beauty of our world, including places right here in my own backyard.

As such, new doors have opened up to me…new friendships, new inspirations, a renewed passion for writing, a new appreciation for kindness and gratitude, a new outlook of enjoying every moment possible, and most of all, a new freedom as I closed the door on my past and opened the door to today.

My destination is ever changing, and it’s not a one-way rapid ticket, as I thought for so many years.

And I’m enjoying the journey.

A new way of seeing things changed my entire life.  And it can change yours too.

If you are finding yourself stuck, perhaps look at things from a different viewpoint or in a different light.

When you do, that moment will be the start of an exciting and wonderful journey towards so many different destinations awaiting you with the welcome mat at the ready.

Open the door by seeing things a bit differently today.

And experience the life that awaits you.

Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 1/2/2016

20160102 Blog Photo New Fonts

Happy new year!  Today our tiny tree will be taken down and the holiday decorations will be stored for another year.  I like to write a little note to myself and put it in with the decorations, then next year I’ll unexpectedly find it.

Since it’s Saturday, here’s my list of interesting sites from the week, the first list for 2016.  It’s a little light, as many of my saved pages were holiday-themed so I will save them for next December. Here’s hoping you are already making progress on your goals for 2016…surprisingly, I am almost done with one of my goals already!

“On Legacy” from Artifact Uprising – Meet Joe

Writing the Words You Need To Hear – many will relate to this article by Margarita Tartakovsky

21 Things To Do By Yourself to Relax and Recharge

The Power of Kindness – one of my favorite posts by Susannah Conway from 2015

The 52 Week Money Challenge – I’m trying this again in 2016, and this time, I’m starting from the bottom.

A Happiness Jar for 2016 – from Elizabeth Gilbert

100 Things that made My Year – from Austin Kleon

47 Things I’ve Learned in my 40s – on target and true for any age

See you soon!



Welcome 2016!

2016 Determined Word

Good morning and welcome, 2016!

It’s so good to see you shining down on us today!

I’m looking forward to the next 365 days we will spend together…one additional day than 2015, since you are a leap year, and that’s pretty unique.

And since you are unique, 2016, you are going to be like no other year.

You are going to be filled with possibility and with positivity.

I intend to be aware of each minute in every hour of every day.  I will absorb and welcome everything you have to offer.

My word for you this year is:  DETERMINED.

I am DETERMINED to accomplish all of the goals I have set for myself during the time we spend together.

I am DETERMINED to finish four creative projects, including improving SoulSEAker and bringing it to the next level.

I am DETERMINED to declutter and complete my aqua blue sanctuary, which will be a place for writing and for creativity.

I am DETERMINED to NOT let stress get in the way of my health or in the way of living, and to not let things I cannot control control ME.  Those days are over.

I am DETERMINED to live and experience life in honor of those who left our world too soon, people special to me, like Dad, Poppy, Michael, Tara, Roscoe, Pete, Ron, Nick, and so many others.  Their legacies will shine through my experiences and my words.

I am DETERMINED to be myself and to say farewell to fear.

Most importantly, I am DETERMINED to become the person I am meant to be through hard work, taking a chance or two, as Michael would have advised, by just DOING it.

Bring it on, 2016!  I embrace you with open arms and am so excited for the journey we are about to embark upon together.