Day 10 of 31 Days of Summer Lovin’ 2016: Flops

20160710 Blog Photo New Fonts

The only thing better than flip flops on my feet are bare feet. Growing up a mile from the beach meant footwear was optional. Clamdiggers like myself became experts at an early age in barefoot bicycle riding, navigating rock driveways and hot pavement while barefoot, and violating the “no shoes no service” signs in a covert manner as quickly as possible without bringing attention to our feet.

I learned the hard way that sometimes shoes were necessary when, during my first week of college, I chose to go barefoot to a frat party. “Oh, we never wear shoes at home,” I said as my friends balked at seeing me with no shoes on as we walked the mile distance to the frat house. While I could expertly navigate a dark street while barefoot and had successfully attended parties at home with no shoes on, I was naive about what, exactly, was meant by the term “frat party.”

I quickly learned there is a time and a place for bare feet. I heeded the lesson even more when, two weeks later, I was still trying to scrub the frat party residue off my feet.

I used to be a nut for Old Navy flip flops and had every color so my flops would always match my outfit. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice fashion coordination for health as they began to cause pain for my feet and my back. Please note I’m not blaming Old Navy or the shoes; rather, it’s because of being diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. The flops just didn’t agree with my conditions, that’s all, and it was time to find a new style.

Today, my go-to flops & sandals are Sanuk Yoga Mats and Yoga Slings.  They are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for my flat feet. Worth every penny in my opinion! (I’m not being paid at all to say that…it’s an honest endorsement!)


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