Looking Back: Dublin Day One in Pictures

Today I will begin sharing details and images from my “mission from the universe.” This post focuses on Monday, August 15, 2016, which was the day I arrived in Dublin. The flight ended up being delayed for over 4 hours, and my friend and I didn’t take off from Newark until 2:30 AM EST. We landed in Dublin about 2:30 their time, 9;30 EST, and were at our hotel, Tara Towers Hotel, around 4:00 PM Dublin time. We hardly slept on the plane, so we took a nap and then went out for a little exploring, which included getting a cab and telling the driver to take us someplace good for dinner. He met the challenge and drove us to The Purty Kitchen (click here for their website). Wonderful place, wonderful food, wonderful company. If you click on one of the pictures below, it will turn into a gallery which you might find easier to view.

A lot of people have said to me that they wished they could afford to take a trip like this. I’ll be honest: it was very affordable, and I was surprised at how little it actually cost. If you put $20 a week for a year and a half ($3 a day), you can plan a trip just like this too. It’s all about choices. Life is too short to stay in one place. Start thinking now about someplace you’d like to see, and for the next 78 weeks, put away $3 a day, and you will be there in 548 days. You can save on hotels too by traveling with a friend.

Coming Tomorrow: Day Two, Part One

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