2017 Accountability Check 1: Progress Towards My Goals/Theme


I boldly stated two of my 2017 goals when I announced my 2017 Theme, Onward, Writer!, along with a logo full of symbols to inspire me this year. One is to write my first novel (which I will be referring to as C1) and the other is to learn how to surf.

I verbally shared both goals this week with my students, my colleagues, and my friends.  By letting others know about my goals, I will be better focused on them because I’ve acknowledged to others that they exist.

I will be providing weekly accountability checks right here so they are public as a way for me to be more accountable for my progress. Sharing my progress is not meant to be taken as conceit or that I am aggrandizing myself. Rather, I hope to inspire you to make progress towards your goals and dreams this year. If I can do it, you can, too.

2017 Goal #1: Finish my first novel C1 and find an agent/publisher interested in the story.

Progress Made This Week: I wrote solely on C1 from 6:15 to 6:45 am on Tuesday-Friday which produced about 2,000 words. On Saturday, I added details and revised/edited what I have so far. I also began reading Writer’s Digest books I purchased (market, literary agents).

2017 Goal #2: Learning to Surf:

Progress Made This Week: Stretched my legs slowly on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Did 5 pushups on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Looked at the schedule for a beginner’s Yoga class as the studio I attended for a brief time and plan on returning on Monday, January 16. Kept my legs moving as much as I could.

Other Goals and Extraordinary Moments…

Yearly Money Challenge: I put $20 into my 2017 Wishes Come True account for week one.

Writing Every Day (outside of C1 work):

  • Researched and scheduled interviews for the three articles I was assigned to write for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine (topics I love and will share soon!)
  • Wrote a poem on 4 days
  • Wrote in my journal every day twice (one handwritten, one typed)
  • Wrote 6 SoulSEAker posts (I hope you aren’t getting sick of me!)
  • Worked on compiling editorial content for the Theater Calendar and Calendar of Events for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine

A Year of Writing Dangerously: Read Days 1-7

Loving Life…Soul and Heart Happiness: Encouraged when I could, embraced the winter and let the snowflakes on my face, saw some wonderful former students who are now friends, watched the NHL Winter Classic, honored the legacy of a friend, planned a Rogue One outing for colleagues. Most of all, I am completely enamored with the bold actions of one of my deepest inspirations and look forward to our mutual support of each other this year-love you heart and soul, Mandi!

Weekly Declutter: Two bags of clothes dropped off to my local PBA’s collection box. Boxed up books to be donated to a local used bookstore. Boxed up donations using an old Amazon box that will be sent to a local NJ Goodwill Location, free of charge. What a great program!

Surprise of the Week: The marriage of two of my former students (now friends) has been publicly announced so I can yell my congratulations as loud as I want! Congratulations S & C! Love you both!

Extraordinary Lesson From The Ordinary Week: I’ve been leaving earlier for work so I can write when I am most alert and creative before my work day contractually begins. It’s just my luck that I was delayed each day by a different car in front of me doing 15 miles an hour below the posted speed limit. At first I started to fume, but then looked at it in a different way and saw each car as a metaphor for what has been holding me back in life. Now that I am focused and know what I want, I’m no longer concerned with getting there quickly. I just want to get there. Lesson Learned: Just take my time. I’m on the right path and will reach my destination no matter what obstacles might lie in the way.

Parting Week 1 Request: Please visit the Go Fund Me page for fellow writer Mandi Bean to learn all about her upcoming amazing opportunity, and if you can spare a buck or two, consider donating to her awesome goal. Thanks for your support!

wordThis. Life. Is. Happening. In. 2017!

Until next time,





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