2017 Accountability Check 2: Progress Towards My Goals/Theme



Week 2 of 2017 was a productive week, despite scheduling a bit too much on my end. Since I’ve been feeling pretty good, I forget sometimes that I need to keep activity in check. My body is telling me to scale back a bit by allowing time for rest, and while I hate it, I need to follow its request.

2017 Goal #1: Finish my first novel C1 and find an agent/publisher interested in the story.

Progress Made This Week: I wrote solely on C1 from 6:15 to 6:45 am on Monday-Wednesday, which produced another 2,000 words. Thursday and Friday were spent revising what I have written so far. Total word count: 6245.

2017 Goal #2: Learning to Surf:

Progress Made This Week: I walked 1.25 miles on 3 days at an okay pace. Floor pushups are too difficult right now, so I began doing wall pushups: 4 days and I’m up to 15. I realize I still need to limber up my legs before returning to yoga class, as they were very stiff and in some pain after walking. Every day I take a few moments to stretch my legs, arms, and back.It might appear that my progress is lame, but for the limitations I experience, it was a good start.

Other Goals and Extraordinary Moments…

Yearly Money Challenge: I put $25 into my 2017 Wishes Come True account for Week 2.

Writing Every Day (outside of C1 work):

  • Completed considerable research and one of three interviews for articles I am currently writing for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine. My topics are Beach Haus Brewery, Lakewood Blue Claws, NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Museum, and Party/Charter Boat Fishing at the Jersey Shore. Holy crap how did I luck out with such awesome topics this go around? I’m so grateful (and I let my publisher know!).
  • Wrote a poem on 3 days
  • Wrote in my journal every day at least once. Completed nightly reflections & gratitude in my planner every evening
  • Wrote 3 SoulSEAker posts, including sharing my poem “Luna I Love”
  • Continued compiling editorial content for the Theater Calendar and Calendar of Events for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine

A Year of Writing Dangerously: Read Days 8-15

Reading: Currently reading The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien in preparation for my NJVVM article

Postcards: Mailed one postcard to Finland. Total traveling postcards: 3 (the other two are on the way to Germany and to Russia).

Loving Life…Soul and Heart Happiness: Saw Rogue One with colleagues, saw two former students by complete coincidence and had a lovely lunch with one who I consider a kindred soul, experienced a vision from #65/27 which was enlightening on many levels, photographed two basketball games, celebrated my brother’s birthday with an awesome dinner and I liked what I ordered (and I found the perfect present for him I think), enjoyed the 65-degree breeze blowing on my face when literally days earlier it was only 20 degrees while I was shoveling 8 inches of snow (but I never complained about the cold), enjoyed the NFL playoff games

Weekly Declutter: Packed away all evidence of the holidays and relegated our tiny Christmas tree to the recycling center. I also boxed up another Amazon donation box for Goodwill with free shipping. That makes two boxes so far. It’s a wonderful program and free.

Surprise of the Week: Spotting the “Hidden Mickey” in Rogue One, which I’ve seen now three times. It’s a great movie, and you don’t have to be a Star Wars nut like me to understand the story line. I also learned that I will be welcoming a new NIECE this spring! I’m so excited to become an auntie again and can’t wait to meet her. I intend on spoiling her like a princess, albeit Princess LEIA style.

Extraordinary Lesson From The Ordinary Week: Listen to my body. As I referenced earlier, I’ve been feeling so good that I scheduled too much this week in the hours after school. I forgot to put my health first, and as a result, I experienced considerable pain and fatigue by the end of the week. Grrrr. There’s so much I want to do, and it’s a bit disheartening when I hit a reality check like this. However, thinking of my health when I look at my planner will result in a healthier balance of work and play, and will make what I do accomplish a bit more extraordinary.

Week 2 Parting Request: My father would have loved this: A local high school student is in a contest where she can win sponsorship money to fund her passion of racing quarter-midgets. If you have the time, could you please visit this link and vote for her in memory of Dad? He would have voted every day for Madison. 

wordThis. Life. Is. Happening. In. 2017!

Until next time,






ICYMI: I boldly stated two of my 2017 goals when I announced my 2017 Theme, Onward, Writer!, along with a logo full of symbols to inspire me this year. One is to write my first novel (which I will be referring to as C1) and the other is to learn how to surf. I will be posting weekly accountability checks as a way for me to keep track of my progress. Sharing my progress is not meant to be taken as conceit or that I am aggrandizing myself. Rather, I hope to inspire you to make progress towards your goals and dreams this year. If I can do it, you can, too.









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