2017 Accountability Check 3: Progress Towards My Goals/Theme


Week 3 of 2017 was another busy yet productive week. Tough at times physically to keep up, but I made it through and accomplished almost all of what I wanted to accomplish. I am feeling a bit fatigued and experiencing moderate pain this morning, most likely from the storm that’s about to launch a huge tempest of wind over the next day or so along the Northeast. Guess it’s time to bring our lighted Snowman and Candy Canes in from the yard before they end up in Princeton!

2017 Goal #1: Finish my first novel C1 and find an agent/publisher interested in the story.

Progress Made This Week: I wrote solely on C1 from 6:15 to 6:45 am on Monday-Friday, which produced another 4193 words. Total word count: 10, 438. I also set June 2 as my draft deadline….131 days away.

2017 Goal #2: Learning to Surf:

Progress Made This Week: Still doing 15 wall push-ups and stretching, but my legs aren’t where I’d like them to be. My goal for the upcoming week is to walk 3 times, and I will re-evaluate next weekend whether I can start Yoga again.

Other Goals and Extraordinary Moments…

Yearly Money Challenge: I put $20 into my 2017 Wishes Come True account for Week 3.

Writing Every Day (outside of C1 work):

  • I finished my first article draft yesterday, which is a little over 8 pages double spaced. Completed additional research and two more interviews for articles I am currently writing for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine. My topics are Beach Haus Brewery, Lakewood Blue Claws, NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Museum, and Party/Charter Boat Fishing at the Jersey Shore. So pumped about the topics and I am doing my very best job on each article.
  • Wrote a poem on 4 days
  • Wrote in my journal every day at least once. Completed nightly reflections & gratitude in my planner every evening
  • Wrote 2 SoulSEAker posts. I wanted to write more, but I’m under deadline.
  • Continued compiling editorial content for the Theater Calendar and Calendar of Events for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine
  • Not writing but creating: Edited photos to accompany articles

A Year of Writing Dangerously: Read Days 16-22

Reading: I am not currently reading anything because I’m under deadline for my articles.

Postcards: Mailed one postcard to Bloomington, Indiana. Total traveling postcards: 3. My postcard to Germany arrived this week after traveling for 8 days. Still en route are ones headed to Finland and to Russia.

Loving Life…Soul and Heart Happiness: Met with a fantastic group of fellow writers I work with, interviewed at Lakewood BlueClaws and NJ Vietnam Veteran Memorial and Museum (this interview and topic will be guiding me long after my article is complete…lots more to come on this), saw Aunt D and Uncle B and we all had dinner before they left with my mother for Florida, played with H and I, mixed up my motivational playlist a bit, had some pretty crazy dreams. I also enjoyed watching the NFL playoffs. I am hoping for a Packers-Steelers Super Bowl. We also made plans to visit my mother-in-law in Florida next month.

Weekly Declutter: Didn’t work as much as I had hoped, but I did get one more bag of donated clothes together. Hoping to make another Amazon donation box this weekend.

Surprise of the Week: I am utterly surprised about how much I wrote this week, despite my schedule and health issues. When I sat down to work on C1 and the article I wrote about Beach Haus Brewery, the words just flowed. I was also surprised that I was not nervous at all at any of my interviews…in the past, I struggled with confidence issues, but not this go-around. I can’t explain it, but I am grateful for this unexplainable confidence. Some breadcrumbs assuring me that I’m on the right path along journey appeared again this week: Napoleonic towers, American Gods (I know, I know, I HAVE to read this!), Veterans, lyrics in a few U2 songs that found their way into my playlist this week…Walk On! I also received a Himalayan Salt Lamp from my Aunt and Uncle! How cool is that (hidden shoutout to DK there after the dream I had about her)!

Extraordinary Lesson From The Ordinary Week: Holy crap, the stories and the legacies at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial & Museum left a massive impression on me. Those who know me well know that US Veterans are very important to me. I learned that there are over 200 NJ men who died in Vietnam who don’t have a story or a picture. Each of them deserves a photo and someone to tell their story…so you can guess where I’m headed with this tidbit of information…..definitely more to come on this, as I referenced earlier. I had asked the universe for a “what next” sign to appear through my magazine assignments, and I think this might be it. It’s going to be quite the scavenger hunt! If you are local, make it a point to visit NJVVMM this year. You will be glad you did. It’s very informative and inspiring.

Week 3 Parting Request: Even if you are outside New Jersey, could you please take a look at the list here of the NJVVF Biography Project names? The ones in blue don’t have a photo and have a limited story at best. If one is from your hometown, could you see if someone knows him, or if he might be in a yearbook at your school? This is the first step towards giving these gentlemen the legacy they deserve.


Thank you for following my journey. I am most grateful to readers like you who make it all worth it. I wish you a fantastic Week 4 of 2017!

This. Life. Is. Happening. In. 2017!

Until next time,






ICYMI: I boldly stated two of my 2017 goals when I announced my 2017 Theme, Onward, Writer!, along with a logo full of symbols to inspire me this year. One is to write my first novel (which I will be referring to as C1) and the other is to learn how to surf. I will be posting weekly accountability checks as a way for me to keep track of my progress. Sharing my progress is not meant to be taken as conceit or that I am aggrandizing myself. Rather, I hope to inspire you to make progress towards your goals and dreams this year. If I can do it, you can, too.









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