Week 4 Challenges for “SEA”king ME and “SEA”king WE 2017

I just looked at my planner…how are we 22 days into 2017 already?!??! Shouldn’t it be like 6? Wow…days fly by faster and faster. For my Week 3 ME Challenge, I certainly did go with the flow. I had no idea when I selected the challenge of marching forward with pride and strength for Week 3 that it would be Inauguration and March week! Indeed, I let my days unfold as they would and put my deadlines and writing goals in front of any sort of political distraction or discourse. Likewise, it was a very good week to speak kindly whenever I could. I held true to the challenge and did not allow any negativity in my words, except for where I had to in my novel story line.

The challenges for Week 4 are below, and I am taking the ME challenge to heart. These challenges are for those looking to better themselves and/or to put the “human” back in humanity in 2017. To learn more about the challenges, click here.





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