2017 Accountability Check 4: Progress Towards My Goals/Theme


4 weeks down. Man, I had no idea we were all time travelers! January is just about ready to say to us, “That’s a wrap! Great show!” Anyway, we survived last week’s Nor’easter with minimal debris issues in our yard, and I am very grateful that we didn’t lose power even once! My area experienced localized, tidal flooding, but nothing like Sandy, just nuisance flooding that locals are used to. On the flipside, the waves were some of the biggest I’ve ever seen! Massive rollers coming in, building height at least a mile offshore then crashing well over the tops of the towers at the end of each Inlet barrier. Impressive for a nor’easter! The downside to last week was that one of the many viruses making the rounds decided to choose me as its host, which put me out of commission for a bit. The coming week is going to be another frenzy as my school switches to the second semester. It will be like the first week of school redux, and I’ll do what I can to keep focused amid the flurry of activity.

2017 Goal #1: Finish my first novel C1 and find an agent/publisher interested in the story.

Progress Made This Week: I’m disappointed in myself because I only wrote on two mornings. Sickness and article deadline priorities stole my focus. I’ve still got a ton of magazine work to do this week, so I look forward to returning to C1 in the mornings when I can and once my work is done for the magazine. I am honestly writing every day, just not on C1.

2017 Goal #2: Learning to Surf:

Progress Made This Week: None. Unfortunately, the virus I had also uncovered a minor heart issue, nothing critical but something that needs to be looked into. I was advised to limit physical activity until I see my cardiologist this week. I will keep you posted.

Other Goals and Extraordinary Moments…

Yearly Money Challenge: I put $20 into my 2017 Wishes Come True account for Week 4.

Writing Every Day (outside of C1 work):

  • Plugging away on my articles. BlueClaws is done, and the Veterans Memorial/Museum article will be finished today. Next up is my article on party boat fishing at the Jersey Shore.
  • Wrote a poem on 2 days
  • Wrote in my journal every day at least once. Completed nightly reflections & gratitude in my planner every evening
  • Wrote 2 SoulSEAker posts.
  • Continued compiling editorial content for the Theater Calendar and Calendar of Events for the 2017 Spring Issue of Jersey Shore Magazine

A Year of Writing Dangerously: Read Days 23-29

Reading: I began reading Colm Toibin’s Nora Webster. He will be at a local university this April, and I am planning on going to hear his talk.

Postcards: Mailed one postcard to Belarus. Total traveling postcards: 3: to Belarus, Russia, Indiana. I received a postcard from Finland yesterday that traveled for 4 days.

Loving Life…Soul and Heart Happiness: I did a lot of writing all week. I spent Wednesday and Thursday home resting because of the virus, but truth be told, I would have much rather been a participant in life instead. I missed a meeting with fellow journalism teachers that was looking forward to very much. Today I am headed to have breakfast with friends, then to watch my niece and nephew play in their school basketball games. Another Star Wars/Ireland connection presented itself late in the week, one I never noticed for almost 18 years but is so obvious I can’t believe I missed it. With Ireland again on the brain, I escaped reality twice when I needed a break from writing by tooling around pricing Dublin trips for the summer. Soon after one of these distractions, a close friend shared that her family is headed to Dublin this summer for their 2017 vacation. Seriously. Hmmmmm…… Hey Universe, was that something I should follow, or a sign that I’m merely on the right path? I’m excitedly waiting for your next sign!

Weekly Declutter: I brought some magazines I was done reading to my doctor’s office on Thursday and left them for others to read.

Surprise of the Week: One of my favorite things about winter are pop up snow squalls. There were a few on Friday but like 20 yesterday. Crazy snow one minute, then none. I’m not a fan of snow, but man, I love those snow squalls! Ironically enough, the boat named “Snow Squall” was hauled out at the marina where my husband keeps his boat. There it was, sitting in the sling, high in the air, as a legit snow squall engulfed it for about 20 seconds. I was happy I noticed this little 20-second episode of life. I “looked around” and, indeed, saw something spectacular.

Extraordinary Lesson From The Ordinary Week: I will be honest here. I was very scared this week about my heart because some of the symptoms I am experiencing mirror those of a heart attack. I let fear get the best of me, but I am glad I did. The condition I have is liveable and most likely will require some monitoring, but it’s making me take a look at my life. What is most important to me is my HEART, which wants to write and spend time with those people I love and see the world. I do not like what is going on in our country right now, but I can’t let it distract me from my purpose or add additional strain on my little pumper that’s filled with love for those around me. I do care a whole hell of a lot, believe me, but for the sake of my health and my purpose, I cannot let myself be consumed with the rancor and acrimony on social media. Call me irresponsible if you will, but I must isolate myself from this societal mayhem so I can focus on my words and the stories my little heart wants to tell so very badly.

Week 4 Parting Request: Our world is screaming for compassion and empathy, and is in serious need of kindness. This week, I will be kind to all I encounter, no matter what, even if I am not being treated with kindness in return. Just be kind. Will you join me?


Finally, I am toying with the idea of doing bi-weekly accountability checks instead of weekly ones, so I’ll let you know next week what you can expect in the future. Thank you for following my journey. I am most grateful to readers like you who make it all worth it. I wish you a fantastic Week 5 of 2017!

This. Life. Is. Happening. In. 2017!

Until next time,






ICYMI: I boldly stated two of my 2017 goals when I announced my 2017 Theme, Onward, Writer!, along with a logo full of symbols to inspire me this year. One is to write my first novel (which I will be referring to as C1) and the other is to learn how to surf. I will be posting weekly accountability checks as a way for me to keep track of my progress. Sharing my progress is not meant to be taken as conceit or that I am aggrandizing myself. Rather, I hope to inspire you to make progress towards your goals and dreams this year. If I can do it, you can, too.









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