Long Live The King — Jill Ocone

I awoke yesterday morning to pouring rain pelting the house and a slew of notifications that had nothing to do with COVID, the Yankees, or politics, notifications that stabbed my soul and made me audibly gasp with sorrow. “Actor Chadwick Boseman dies from colon cancer at age 43” Rarely does a celebrity’s passing shatter my […]

Long Live The King — Jill Ocone

Nobody is Listening — Jill Ocone

When all of this started in March, I foolishly believed that society was perhaps moving towards healing and entering a new era of empathy and wellbeing… I was wrong. Dead wrong. Instead, together we’re traveling alone through uncertain waters brimming with sheer hatred and hostility. And I hate it. The self-centered outnumber the selfless, and […]

Nobody is Listening — Jill Ocone