Something to SEA: Blizzard Day Clicks for 1/23/2016

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Yeah, we’re in the thick of a nasty blizzard here in New Jersey.  It’s a terrible storm, and with the full moon, tides are expected to be much higher than normal.  I’m stocked with enough food and supplies, but am worried about what will happen if we lose electricity…it’s definitely getting wonky, and many friends have already lost power so I’m lucky right now.  The wind is picking up and I’ll admit I am concerned.  However, everything is out of my hands, and I am praying that we (and my family & friends) are safe throughout the storm’s wrath.

Here are some interesting links I found this week.  If you are in the Northeast and have electricity, today’s the perfect day to check them out.

Snowstorms in the 70s vs. Today – perfect post for today by Victoria Fedden

Message in a Bottle Dropped Off Jersey Shore Washes Up Across the Ocean – what a journey

Soul To Soul:  Celebration and Enlightenment – from Stephane Watanabe, “The Girl Who Knows”

It’s Your World Now (Tribute to Glenn Frey)

All The Things that Softly Kill Me – excellent post by Danielle LaPorte

Unforgettable Kindness Leads to a Dream Come True at Walt Disney Resort

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl – short film by Danny Cook – a must see

5 Tips to Get Past the Post Holiday Blues – by Dani Dipirro

On Generosity – by Elizabeth Gilbert

That’s all for today, friends!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Let’s Dance and Laugh in the Rain

Last summer, I took my 10-year-old nephew to Six Flags Great Adventure on a mostly overcast and muggy July day. It was his first time there, and it was the first time the 2 of us had ever done something together without anyone else. It was a special day and we had an awesome time. There was the chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon, which kept a lot of people away from the park.

That was a bonus, resulting in hardly any wait for the rides. The most we stood in line was for 10 minutes. Our tally for the day ride-wise: 16 times on Skull Mountain, 8 times on Runaway Train, two times on the Sky Ride, 1 time on the Safari, 1 time on the Log Flume, and 2 times on Congo River Rapids, which completely drenched me from head to toe and made him laugh.  In fact, the day was full of laughs.

The most memorable part of the day happened about 4:30 pm. Thunderstorms, indeed, pummeled us, and we stood outside under the locker overhang by Skull Mountain. It was absolutely pouring. As we stood there, I watched people running past us in the rain, and every single person was screaming yet laughing at the same time, with a huge smiles as they tried to make it to dry land.  The park had music playing, and the song “1, 2, 3, 4” by the Plain White T’s came over the PA system.

A family of 5 (mother, father, and 3 children between the ages of 6 and 12 I would guess) was running in the rain, then they stopped.  Each of them then jumped in the puddles in unison, almost as if they had planned it. They were laughing and smiling, and I was witnessing a moment of pure joy.

It was the perfect song for this perfect scene, a folksy song with the phrase “I love you” repeated several times.  This family clearly loved each other.

I completely forgot about this moment until I recently heard the song again in CVS. The faces on that family came flooding back to me, their smiles, their sheer happiness playing in the pouring rain, and I could picture it as if I saw it yesterday. A simple moment of fun, of togetherness, and of love.

It got me thinking. That’s what life is all about…learning to laugh and dance in the rain. The rain didn’t ruin this family’s day. Instead, the rain made the day better. And that’s a much better attitude to adopt.

The next time it rains in my world, I vow to laugh and dance. I will embrace the rain and relish with delight in its deluge. I hope you will, too.

 The Approach of the Storm

The Family who Dances and Laughs in the Rain…thanks for the lesson in this small yet profound moment!  (The young man to the left in the yellow shorts is an interloper here.)


A Delicate Touch of Winter

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We finally got a little bit of snow yesterday into last evening, which was a surprise to many.  As you probably could guess, I’m not a fan of winter at all, and would much prefer the sunshine and warmth of summer all year long.  Yet there’s a little part of me that gets excited over the first snowfall of winter, which usually happens much earlier than mid-January.  Usually, it’s pre-Christmas snow, with magic all of its own.

When I saw the first flake fall yesterday, I yelled, “It’s snowing!” like I was a little kid.  Like I used to do when I was young.  And like many of my social media contacts immediately posted on their feeds.

This snow was light, pretty, and covered the grass and cars without being a mess to deal with.  This snow didn’t warrant many delayed openings, any closures, or any stocking up of milk, bread, and eggs.  Just a nice, delicate touch of winter.  As I sit here writing this, I’m under my blankie with a cup of coffee to my left, with some old New Order tunes quietly playing in the background, and I’m glancing out the window as the sun shines upon the blanket of white.  I’m warm, cozy, and rather enjoying this simple, winter scene.

It’s serene and peaceful.  A moment to remember.


Something to SEA: My Choice is To Write

In an effort to write more, especially here at SoulSEAker, I’m participating in a writing challenge.  My goal is to publish something every day based upon the given prompt that I receive via email.

As Elizabeth Gilbert writes about in “Big Magic,” I have to find the time to write, even if I have to sneak away for a few moments, like two lovers do.  They find the time, somehow, to be with each other, and I am now making it my choice to find time every day to write something.

Ironically enough, today’s prompt is to write a response to one of six words.  CHOICE is one of them.  Dedicating myself to writing every day is my choice.  I choose to let the day’s to do list sit idly for a while and energize my creativity by writing.  Even if nobody reads what I write, I am still encouraged and satisfied that I wrote.

I’ve had such a spark of inspiration for writing lately.  Not only here, with my blog entries, but in my journals, in some projects, and in my planner.  I have written more in the past week than I have in a very long time.  And there’s still the same hours in the day as before, when I couldn’t find the time to write.  Now I have found it because I CHOOSE to find it.  And what a difference that choice has made.

Another one of the six words for today was REGRET.  I almost chose to respond to that word instead.  However, after thinking it over, I changed my choice.  Someday, I’ll be ready to write about regret, but that’s not my choice today.

Thank you for sticking it out with me and for following me along my journey as I “seak” my soul.  Definitely, to be continued…

Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 10/24/2015

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Hello friends!  It seems like I wrote last week’s clicks entry yesterday, but in reality, it’s already been a week.  No matter how hard I try to enjoy each moment of every day, it gets harder and harder to do so.  I feel like I am trapped by a tornado of papers which gets more scattered as each minute passes, then trying to make sense of it all at the end of the day is an uphill battle that simply defeats me.  When I schedule time to write (or even just to try and relax), I find my brain runs like a hamster in a wheel, or like another tornado, thinking of all that I need to do instead of thinking of what I want to write.  I want to create.  I want to go do something.  I MUST make it happen.  I MUST survive the day’s tornado and stand strong after it passes.

Rain is in the forecast here in New Jersey, so if you’re tooling around, here’s some interesting links from the week to check out.

A Mexican Church Reappears – despite the drought, it’s pretty neat that this church is once again visible

The Stepfather and the Weddings – a follow-up to the story to the wedding photos that went viral

A Crazy Scene from the Oceans of Love Radiothon – an unbelievable ending to an amazing local fundraiser

Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveal Women Warriors – who knew?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 3 – Yes.  I am a proud Star Wars fan.  The trailer confirms and refutes, simultaneously, every theory I have.  My brother and I have our tickets for 7 pm on December 17 (and quite honestly, there’s nobody else I’d rather share this memory with).

A Thank You From Star Wars – gratitude for an exceptional week

The Best Think You Can Do For Yourself – And All The Women Around You – another favorite by Elizabeth Gilbert

and finally

The 2015 Fall/Holiday issue of Jersey Shore Magazine is now online…and I am the proud writer of 4 articles.  A separate blog entry about this will come soon.

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Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 9/26/2015

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Another week in the books, and it went by so fast.  I am still adjusting to my schedule, and it sure seems like there aren’t as many hours in the day as there were before for some reason.  Here’s my roundup of interesting links from the week.  As I am heading out to celebrate the life of a friend today, I ask that you hug those closest to you and let them know how much they mean to you.  You never know when it is going to be too late.  The Links:

Creating the Season Ahead – A good list of autumn journal topics by Jamie Ridler

12 Pieces of Advice from Graduates to New Students – Even if you aren’t a student, this is a good read to put things into perspective.

25 Free Fall Printables – compiled by Kendall Rayburn

Collaborating with Inspiration – a reaction to Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Big Magic by Dal Kular.  I have Big Magic and MUST find time to read it!

9 Ways to Transition Gracefully Into the Fall Season

Behind the Yogi-isms and Driving Mr. Yogi (This is on my Summer 2016 reading list) – Thank you, Yogi

No One Lives Forever

The Sea and He

and finally,

One Summer in Jersey teaser – a film by Tom Larney

Have a splendid day!


DISCLAIMER:  Unless otherwise stated, I do not endorse any product or service in any of the links I provide.  I merely found the page to be interesting in some way, and thought you also might find it interesting or that you might learn something from it.

Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 9/5/2015

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How can it possibly be September already?

For about the eighth week in a row, the weather is simply grand here in the Northeast.  Bookmark these interesting Internet finds for the week, and get outside!  Make memories with someone, or just take a walk by yourself.  It’s too nice of a day to sit and look at links!

The Pep Talk Generator

Send your name to Mars!

The Summer That Never Was

2/11/1972: The Day Surfing Changed Forever

Octopus=Alien?  Who knew?

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Favorite Books About Creative Inspiration

Let’s Go, Fellow Seinfeldians!

What is the American Dream in 2015?

And finally,

So long, my friend.  (Donations are still being accepted to help the Bierbrauer family)

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Sea What Makes “Boro Kids” So Great…

Boro kids.

Back in the day, we didn’t need social media to find everyone.

The only phone we’d call would be the pay phones up at the boards to see who was up there hanging out.

We’d get on our bikes and pedal the 08742 circuit, checking driveways and lawns for piles of bikes.  That was our text message, our notification of where everyone was.

Sometimes we’d ride double, and the friend on the handlebars would hold on for dear life.  Helmets?  Please….

Past Brue Video and Vesuvios.  Perhaps we’d rent a movie for later (our “On Demand”), or get a slice and a sarsaparilla.

Swing by the Rec Center and fields to see who was playing basketball, baseball, football, soccer. Over the bridge, down to Beacon to check out the beach.

Boro kids.

Up to the boards.  See who was working, and who was on their break from their ride or game shift.  Around the Inlet a few times, stopping here and there to talk to friends.  If it was Thursday, we’d look up to catch the fireworks.

The smell of salt air, cotton candy, and boardwalk fries simply intoxicating us.

Maybe we’d stop at the OB for something to eat, of course before it burned down…or try to win some candy at the Heart of Gold game stand, of course before it burned down…or get a slice at Cici’s, of course before it burned down…

Check the Bay Head beaches, starting at Osborne to Karge, Harris, and Bridge…stopping at the Bluffs, and maybe going all the way down East Ave.

Sometimes we’d drive, but our bikes were sacred.  Sure, they’d get stolen at times, but we’d be at Point Bikes or A1 the next day for a replacement.

Boro kids.

Good memories.  Good times.  Laughter.  Fun.  An innocence all of its own during the time of Milli Vannili, Pretty Woman, Bel Biv Devoe, New Kids, Pepsi Clear, and cheap gas, to name a few.

Boro kids.

As we reached the legal age, we traded bikes for cabs and designated drivers.  Checking out the local watering holes.  Catching up with other Boro kids.

One by one, each of us became an adult and got jobs, served our country, moved away, got married, had families, and some of our kids are the new generation of…Boro kids.

Somehow, the calendar fast forwarded 25-some-odd years.

Each of us making a life.  Each of us moving forward on our own path.

But what bonds us all are those Boro ties, connecting us to the other Boro kids.

Forever strong, forever there, forever friends.

When one succeeds, we all succeed.  When one suffers, we all suffer.  When one needs us, we got their back.

No.  Matter.  What.

Boro kids.

There’s nothing better in the world than being one.

This is written for all of the Boro Kids out there, but especially for my friends, Roscoe and Stacey.  The bond tying us all together is strong, no matter what year may be on the calendar or when we last saw each other in person.

Roscoe and Stacey, you are forever loved, forever special, and forever Boro kids.

Author’s Note:  Life dealt Roscoe a bad hand and he is in the fight of his life right now.  As he battles the terrible monster known as Cancer, please join me in praying for a miracle, and in praying for strength for his wonderful wife Stacey and two children.

Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 8/22/2015

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Hello friends!  Here’s my round-up of interesting Internet finds this week.  Remember, save these for a rainy day!  If the weather is great, get out there and make some memories and visit these later!

What great neighbors!

I’m a fan of James Harrison

Celebrating James Foley’s work, 1 year later (Warning: salty language)

The Wings of Freedom WWII Planes Are Coming Again!

“I’m perfectly at east with whatever comes.” – Former President Jimmy Carter (I admire his outlook.)

I’m going to try this approach to maintain a healthy weight.

Susannah is my Oprah, too!

And, in case you missed it…thanks to my wonderful friend Lynette!

My guest spot on Motivate Me! Podcast 


My guest blog on Motivate Me! Website

If you find any interesting clicks this week, leave them in the comments!  Have a super day!

Until next time,