A Sea of Change

I went up to the beach in Bay Head on July 4 with my family to watch the fireworks.  Every time I go to the Bay Head beaches, I am always amazed at the changes I see, whether it is by day, by week, or by season.  Mother Nature is forever changing her mind about how the beaches should look.

Obviously the beaches I was used to went through a considerable facelift during and after Superstorm Sandy, but even before that wretched storm left its permanent mark, the beach would change day by day…the tide line, the dunes, the grass, the jetties, the erosion.

On Saturday, July 4, 2015, it was high tide when we were having our picnic dinner, complete with bubbles and glowsticks, and there was a considerable amount of people on the beach, also enjoying themselves while waiting for a festive fireworks show.  I looked around, and again, saw an incredible change.

It’s almost 3 years post Sandy, and the dunes and entrance platforms have been rebuilt, dune grass has been replanted, and it’s starting to look similar to how it did did 3 years ago.  One huge difference, though, is the actual size of the beach, especially during high tide.  It is much smaller than it was at this time in 2012, leaving beachgoers with little room for personal space.  Eventually, dredging will happen, and the beach will be replenished, but that itself will also create more change, such as less seaglass and shells will wash up, leaving curious beachcombers’ collection bags empty.

This got me thinking.  Life itself mirrors the ever-changing beaches.  Every day, something will be different.  It can be a small change such as a favorite store changing hands, or a small paperwork change at the office.  It can be a massively huge change, such as losing someone close to me or a tragic event such as an earthquake or volcano eruption.

I cannot predict when a change will happen, where it will happen, or what it will be.  But while I cannot control what happens, I can control my reaction to it.

Just like the sea.

The sea goes with the flow, without becoming upset with by bad weather or by the different appearance of the beach. The sea endures, and the waves continue to roll in, despite the ever-changing landscape.

Every day “life” happens, and change inevitably will be the result.

I will try be more like the sea…I will keep on rolling, despite the changing landscape. I will look for the lesson, look at the big picture, and take hold of the blessings in the moment…and continue searching for the lessons and blessings long term.  I will cherish the memories made, and look forward to new memories to come.

What are some ways you deal with the changes life brings?  I’d love to know.

Until next time,


20150704 Beach Photo