“Mission from the Universe” Part 7: I Go!

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It sounds like something my 2-year-old nephew or Ivan Drago from Rocky IV would say.

It is time.

Tomorrow evening I will be walking onto a United plane in New Jersey, and after about 7 hours or so, walking off in Dublin, Ireland.

I’m in awe that I had the courage to make this trip idea a reality. I’m actually doing it!

I am open.

I expect nothing.

I will be mindful and present and let life happen as it should.

I will treasure each footstep and everything I see.

I will watch the sun rise and set in a new land.

As suggested by John Keating in Dead Poets Society, I am doing something I consider extraordinary.

Most importantly,

I seize the day.

Thank you for reading, for listening, and for supporting my journey. I am immensely grateful for the loving support of my husband, family, and friends who have had to listen to be jabber on for months now about my mission from the universe. Most of all, a huge thank you to my travel partner in crime, my dear friend for over 20 years now, who is accompanying me on this adventure.

As I will be focusing on LIFE and LIVING while in Dublin, I do not plan to post here on SoulSEAker until I return. I will most likely post a few photographs to my Facebook and Instagram pages only, depending on access to technology. If you are interested, please follow me there for updates (links below).

The time is here.

Let’s do this! 


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Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 11/7/2015

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Good morning friends!  The weather here along the Jersey Shore has NOT been November-like so far, and I am not complaining as I’d hold onto summer forever, if it was possible.  The leaves, though, are beautiful and are nearing the end of their color-explosion cycle, and in just days, the trees will be bare.  We are off to a friend’s wedding in Pennsylvania today, and I’m excited to see a new and different place. With the forecast for rain, I’m hoping that this week’s roundup of interesting sites will be a good diversion for you.  Hope you enjoy!

16 Free Thanksgiving Printables – courtesy of SNAP

How a Vacation to Italy Reminded Me of My Purpose – great read by Jeff Goins

Citi Field Overjoyed, Singing Piano Man with Billy Joel – awesome moment from the World Series, despite the Mets’ loss

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank – impressive video!

How to Send Holiday Cards to the Military (2015) – send your extra cards to someone serving…he/she certainly deserves it

18 of October’s Most Amazing Surf Photos – causing me severe wanderlust!

Remembering Andy Irons, 5 Years Later – still one of my favorites

7 New Non-Traditional Empathy Cards That Say What Others Totally Get Wrong – these are perfect

On time – poignant words from the always inspirational Mandi Bean.  I’m printing this out and taping it in my planner as a reminder to JUST DO IT.

Dying ‘Star Wars’ Fan Sees Movie Early – restores my faith a bit.  May the force be with you, Daniel.

This Man Teaches a Lonely Pelican to Fish – yes, he does

and finally,

THIS is why we celebrate Veterans Day.  PLEASE, please honor those who serve(d) this week and EVERY week.  I will always be thankful for the actions of Cpl. Nicholas S. Ott and Sgt. Ronald A. Kubik, forever my heroes, and for all those I know who serve/served.