Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 12/19/2015

20151219 Beach Photo

Hello friends!  With less than a week to Christmas, and only 12 days left in the year, it’s a whirlwind of “to do.”  While my body is not happy and rebelling because I have been pushing myself, the memories I have made with my niece, nephews, brother, and friends are worth the pain and discomfort.  Here’s some interesting sites I found this week…if you find yourself tooling around, check them out.  Stay sane and try to enjoy every moment that’s left in 2016 my friend!

How to Use a Journal to Remember More of your Christmas – from Kenzie at Helloneverland

Harper Lee: My Christmas in New York

Farewell to the G.O.A.T – Abby Wambach Tribute by Christie Rampone and Megan Rapinoe

Macro Photos of Snowflakes Show Impossible Perfect Designs – so awesome

The 12-Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises

January 2016 Creative Challenge – Hosted by Sara Waters (and it’s free)

This BookThis AdviceThis Narwhal

and finally,

the video of Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the Star Wars Cast A Capella Theme Song is super (and Star Wars Episode VII-The Force Awakens was simply fantastic!  No spoilers…just see it!)

Have a super day!

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Sea The Importance of NOW

20150904 Quote

You know that place you want to see?

Go there.

The thing you want to try?

Try it.

The book you want to write?

Write it.

The book you want to read?

Read it.

The song you want to sing?

Sing it.

The journey you want to take?

Take it.

The recipe or craft you want to make?

Make it.

The person you want to share time with?

See him.  See her.

The person you want to hug?

Hug him.  Hug her.

The person you want to forgive?

Forgive him.  Forgive her.

The words you want to say?

Say them.

The memories you want to have?

Make them.


Tomorrow is not promised.

Do it today.

Live in the moment.

Cherish the present.

You only get one life to live.

Live it.



Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 8/29/2015

20150829 Beach Photo

Greetings!  Again, the weather is great here in NJ, so hold off checking this week’s roundup of interesting links…instead, enjoy this beautiful day!

The idea of these twins is purely awesome!

Know Yourself

Good Memories equals Greater Happiness

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons Podcast

Honoring 3 Courageous Journalists (Foley, Sotloff, Tice)

I love this post about the Selfie Vulnerability Hangover

Bone and Marrow – Some super music here!

Things that will happen if I don’t take my phone out RIGHT NOW! (thanks Susannah!)

and finally,

I Love Khalil Gibran!

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Something to Sea: Rainy Day Clicks for 7/11/2015

One of the weekly posts I intend to write will be a roundup of interesting pages and web finds from the week.  Save them for a rainy day, a weekend, or when you just feel like tooling around the Internet.

When in NYC, eat here


100 Words for Now

This is 40

Color These

From Local to National

Have the Courage

The Importance of Responsibility

and finally

I feel exactly the same way!

Did you find a meaningful site or post this week?  If so, please leave the link in a comment.  I wish you a relaxing and wonderful weekend (or rainy day, whenever you may read this entry.)

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