Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 2/6/2016

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Groundhog day with conflicting reports.  Another snowstorm.  Super Bowl weekend.  Yes, it’s February again.  I think back to last February and while it was 365 days ago, it feels like it was only 100 days or so ago.  I’m working on compiling my “Living 45” list, which will be at least 10 things I hope to do/see/accomplish during my 45th year, which starts on Friday.  I will be dedicating separate blog entries this week to both reviewing my 44th year list, and to sharing my 45th list.  Keeping in mind that money is very tight and that I’m experiencing a pretty active Lupus flare right now, what is something you suggest for my list?  Feel free to comment.  In the meantime, here’s some links from the week I thought worthy of sharing…

Who’s in Charge? By Kristine Carlson

US Astronaut To Return to Earth After Bringing Mankind Closer to Mars – Scott Kelly will be returning to Earth on March 3 after a year-long ISS stint.  If you haven’t seen his awesome collection of Instagram photos from his ISS mission, check them out here.  Truly amazing.

This week’s episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” features Jerry Seinfeld with Will Ferrell.  Hysterical!

I am not Black. You are not white. – By Prince Ea.  Every human being should watch and learn from this video.

To Anyone Who Thinks They Are Falling Behind – by Jamie Varon.  Excellent message.

Dani DiPirro’s Find the Good in February – it’s a long and cold winter, and Dani’s trying to change that

An Open Letter to Those Who Are Overwhelmed – by Mark & Angel Life Hack.  I had this on my list to share, and it was also on Dani DiPirro’s list this week too!

Moving Beyond Just Dreaming (Taking Inspired Action) – by Sian Richardson (The Girl Who Knows)

Of Course You Can Do It – by Elizabeth Gilbert.  And YES, you can!  Good advice for me too!

and finally

Rob Werner: Lost in Space – Rob was one of my students.  He is a very accomplished skateboarder and is pursuing his dream of skating for life while seeing the world. Usually, it’s the student who is inspired by the teacher, but here, the student INSPIRES the teacher.  Thank you, Rob!

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Something to SEA: Rainy Day Clicks for 11/28/2015

20151128 Beach PhotoGreetings, friend!  Thanksgiving with my family was a wonderful time this year.  I had a lot of fun playing with my 2 nephews and laughing with my family.  All of the preparation, all of the anticipation, and just like that…the day was over.

I included some holiday links on today’s roundup of interesting clicks.  Hopefully you’ll find some quiet time to check them out.  Have a wonderful day and please come back soon!

December Reflections Returns:  I am so excited that Susannah Conway is hosting her December Reflections!  It is a photo-a-day challenge with emphasis on the holiday season and closing out the year.  It was just about this time last year that I stumbled upon Susannah and her work, and she has become such an inspiration.  Please join me in participating!  I will be participating under Soulseaker and posting my images here and on Instagram.  #DecemberReflections

Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar:  One act of kindness a day; printable calendar available on the link.

A Holiday Built on Presence, Not Presents

CBS Holiday Programming Schedule:  I posted ABC Family’s schedule last week

Blessing Bags: A great idea to help those less fortunate

“Misunderstood,” the Apple 2013 Holiday Commercial: best holiday commercial ever in my opinion

“Hello everybody?  I should say it?”: my favorite Christmas Vacation scene with Aunt Bethany (with a young Leonard Hoffstetter/Johnny Galecki, one of my favorite actors)

Santa Penguins:  Because you might need a smile, and penguins dressed up for Christmas will make you smile.

Seinfeld Cast Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity:  Gotta love the Sein!

NJ Surfers’ Tribute to Luke Mitchell

This NecklaceThis JournalThis David Puddy Action Figure – This Sweatshirt

Here’s to a Life Lived WITH Regrets: so true

The Tartigrade has Foreign DNA:  what an awesome creature.  Love tartigrades!

and finally…

I Am Grateful by Elizabeth Gilbert

Enjoy your day,